04 April 2009

stay young

how amazing are these kids!?
why is it that they can present themselves so much better than most people i see walking around? haha

photo by Hitoshi

as i was taking a shower this morning, i was thinking about if i would ever get a chance to interview a famous person and what kind of questions i would ask him/her. so i thought it would be fun to ask really silly and childish questions that make them think of their innocence.

well, it would be fun to just ask these questions to anyone in general, so here's a little fun questionaire you guys are more than welcome to answer :-)

1. what is your favourite cartoon to watch (right now)?
2. what kind of imaginary games would you act out with your friends/siblings (as a child)?
3. what kind of sweets do you like?
4. what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. if your parents had one word to describe you, what would it be?
6. can you whistle?
7. what was the name of the 1st pet you had, what animal was it?
8. who was the last person you had lunch with?
9. what are you terrified of?
10. when is your birthday?

even though we're all adults now, your 'childish thought' would be a horrible thing to lose.


Make it Easy said...

i want to answer these too! haha

1. sponge bob square pants
2. mainly kungfu kind of fighting games :-P
3. rich chocolate muffins and japanese cheesecake
4. a veterinarian
5. 'artistic'
6. nope
7. Billie, a poodle. hahah
8. my friend, Mitchell
9. sasquatch!
10. 1 March, 1987

hanna said...

1. old, hand-drawn disneys
2. horse-show. pirates.
3. swedish cinnamon-rolls
4. an artist or a cowboy
5. lively
6. yes. but out of tune.
7. it was a small rabbit I inherited from my older cousin. its name was kalle.
8. my mom, dad and my little son, yesterday in their garden.
9. loosing my spirit and guts. and ofcourse, that something bad will happen my little son.
10. 15th of october

Make it Easy said...

lunch in a garden...that sounds wonderful
thanks for sharing Hanna :-)

amy said...

1. none..
2. forts built of blankets, boxes and chairs.
3. chocolate freckles!
4. a meterologist.
5. silly.
6. i taught myself how to whistle four years ago.
7. sally, she was a fluffy little dog.
8. my mum and little brother, we had hot cross buns.
9. losing my imagination.
10. in may. which spells amy. i worked that out when i was 7 and thought it was pretty neat :)

Make it Easy said...

thank you amy for sharing! :-)
by the way..your "all the mountains" blog is simple amazing.
its just so beautiful and inspirational to me!!
i added it as a favorite on my page if you dont mind

call me glitter, little deer said...

oh so cute.


1. Haven't been watching any cartoons lately but I want to watch the old Beetlejuice cartoons.
2. Pretending we were vampires.
3. Gummy worms
4. Marine biologist!
5. Friendly
6. Nope.
7. Puffy, our bassett hound.
8. My best friends: Mari, Coco and Mariel (They visited me over here! Woohoo!)
9. Uncertainty and deadlines.
10. May 23, 1984