03 April 2009

cute car + my style

This little Japanese car is so cute. i want it! its a Daihatsu, Boon. even the colour names are wonderful: 'Mint Blue Metalic Opal' & 'Banana Shake Metalic'.... wow!

ok, so looking around many other blogs, basically almost everyone has posted at one point or another, their fashion favorites and outfits that personally suit them. so i wanted to give that a try!

i really love simple/casual yet bohemian style: beenies/slouchy hats/fedoras, really soft shirts, leather sandals/fabric slip on shoes, nice 'man-purses', etc.
i find myself looking like a bum sometimes! and not those hobo-chic kind, but like a modern day hippie.

however, i found it very difficult to find fashion websites/blogs that cater to this kind of style. maybe i'm just not very good at searching for these kinda things, but the only fashion websites i seem to always come across are very high fashion clothes and 'fashion week' and whatever...and trust me, i just look so silly in a collared shirt :-P

help! do you know of any websites that has this kind of style??

anway, i ended up having to search for these fine gentlemen in my flickr friends. these pictures are taken by Damon Kim, Muranishi, Wong Kei, and Horumon :-)

and i just wanted to add one more of that last guy. i love this picture. his emotion, the mood, his outfit, the realness of it.
(this picture just defines "SEXY" for me. oooh!)


Teabagstains said...

i must say i LOVE this style really indeed is sexy, i don't know any sites tho? thankyou for your comments and claire de lune is magical isn;t it, i like your music too so dreamy. i dream to much also its kinda serious..anyway come visit again soon as i will you

J.Yo said...

oooh i love seeing that style on other people, cos i can never pull it off myself!

try dropsnap.jp.. maybe you've seen it alrdy? i love that site!

yasemin said...

I like giving that kind of names to colours, banana shake is the best!and fits so well.^^

Make it Easy said...

thank you! will visit again soon

i never heard of this site before, thank you! i will try it out!

me too!!
i always thought it would be an awesome job to be the person to come up with the colour names for crayons! <3

hanna said...

I agree! I actually stopped at it before reading your comments. It´s lovely and true.

Fine Little Day said...

This is all nice.

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