01 April 2009

polaroids by Marie Ek

it's such a shame they stopped manufacturing polaroids. i wonder if thats only in american or around the world... i bet its only america. they would. i went to the store, and one pack (of 10 film) was about 16$.  it's so sad.


paran said...

Amazing....It looks like standing on the wall!

Pola film is more expensive here.
Actually 16$ is so kind price for the pola user in China.How wish I was in America.

I remember you, Aron,a boy with sunshine .(always a big smile)

I'm paran.Nice to see you.=D

Anonymous said...

have you heard about this?

i don't think polaroid film will be gone forever! :)

Make it Easy said...

hi Paran!!
how much is polaroid film in China??
the regular price (before 16$) was about 8-10$...i forgot. haha it was a while ago
thank you for remembering as that boy with sunshine and always a big smile...it makes me blush, thats so kind <3

thats so great to hear! thanks for sharing :-)
i hope they make a bigger & better come back!

paran said...

The price of pola film has raised to 150 RMB(about 22$)...
Thank you for adding me in your links.

you are very nice.=)