02 April 2009


Our new kitty. his name is Tanko (tonko)! he is about 5 months old now and is a Siamese mix. his eyes are a bright ice-blue!  he's so lovable and goes out of his way to cuddle and sleep on you. complete opposite from our other cat Mimi. she's very independent and minds her own, but she's great for giving hugs!

thats my friend, Shaina, and me. just relaxing, chatting, and eating in my room on a lazy saturday morning. i remember it was actually my birthday this day :-)

One day i was talking to her on the phone and telling her this very elaborate story of strangers i was observing one day on the bus. after my entire story, she just said one sentence to me that everything much clearer:
"strange people tend to find one another."
that's all it took to make me smile.

i spent one and a half hours this morning painting. it was great. 


call me glitter, little deer said...

the pictures of the cat look so pretty. i like the colour from the cat in kombination with the bed. looks so harmony.

Make it Easy said...

oh yes! wow i did not even notice that!
pink - beige - white

J.Yo said...
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Make it Easy said...

tanko is how it's spelt, and tonko is how its said...i just put that incase, because my friend pronounced it like "tank-oh"....hahah so silly

thank you for visiting my page as well :-)

J.Yo said...

oh Tanko (tonko?) is definitely cute and cuddly.. i would like to say 'kawaii' and continue my sentence in Japanese but then writing the language in roman letters just doesn't seem right..

i love the quote too. somehow i can relate to it.

thanks for visiting my blog! i'll be back here often, i think

J.Yo said...

hahaha the western pronunciation! you wrote it in katakana so i didn't read it Tank-oh, thank god..

my dog should be called Mike-ah instead of Mika then.. lol.

i forgot. happy belated birthday!

*sorry for comment spamming

Make it Easy said...

haha im glad you read it correctly, thats why i put it in katakana so people who know japanese will know :-)

maybe your dog can be "Micah"...is that how its supposed to be spelled? haha im not sure either

thank You very much :-D

Fine Little Day said...

Sweet cool cat.