25 April 2009

New Bag + Old Mind

i bought this really nice bag yesterday. surprisingly it was on sale for only 13$ at the Gap! i'm happy with this find. i'm also wearing that tanktop i ordered from UO, it came in yesterday with the white plimsolls.

so this morning, i got off the phone with my Grandma Rachel (she's not really my grandma, just a "respect" grandpa, old family friend) with this really horrible sinking feeling that really shook me up...

i had written her a letter the previous week, so she called us this morning (leaving a message) saying she recieved it and enjoyed it, and updating us on whats going in her life (shes 95 years old now! but still very healthy and independent. but her old sister just passed away before making it to 100, and her 3 other siblings are now in caring homes...so grandma Rachel lives alone in their big house...its very sad)...

so after listening to the message, i immediately called her.
but it was the most saddening conversations i have ever had.....she had NO idea who i was! even though she just called 4 hours ago and left very specific details in the message about me and my family and things i wrote in the letter. i tried reiterating everything for her to jog her memory, but i guess her age really is catching up with her... (but i'm just very thankful she's making it to such a great age and healthy and can still live on her own...but her mind is definately going)

this brakes my heart.


J.Yo said...

mmm your bag is definitely a steal! ^^

wow, somehow it made me sad too! i guess you can't really foresee these things to happen. my friend had the same experience with her grandma and she's very depressed and shocked. best wishes to your grandma! I admire her self reliance and courage!

Make it Easy said...

thanks so much Jessica :-)

Shaina said...

oh aron! i love your bag. and YOUR BUN! fuck work it.

but anyways.. thats a sad story. aging is a scary thing in life.. but i think its sweet that she called to thank you and your family.. and boy your letters have some very powerful words. your great!