24 April 2009

Jap Mag quality

(bike riding picture from the magazine, Lingkaran)

i really enjoy this picture. it makes me feel like i'm riding a bike too. this is probably the closest feeling i have ever felt to flying. its so nice to ride your bike around the neighborhood, but it's a bit difficult in my new neighborhood because i live on a hill. so going uphill is definatley a challenge, but once you fly down its all good!

(Japanese home interior pictures from magazine, Ku:nel)

i found these pictures from another great blog called Ii-ne-kore. it hosts inspirational Japanese design, words, and food. check it out!

i love these two magazines (Lingkaran & Ku:nel). they always have absolutley beautiful photographs that really calm me and make me smile. subjects such as crafts, food, children, home interior, nature, etc. their images always have this specific quality to them, as if they're all washed out by sunlight. it's all very asian-folk lifestlye.

i'm thinking about putting in a subscription order for Lingkaran magazine at our local japanese super-store. i wonder how much it's going to cost ordering it from japan every month. the last japanese magazine subscription i had was about 10$ a month for each issue...is that worth it?


Hello Sandwich said...

You can make it easy - your blog is gorgeous! and I think you must be the first boy to comment on Hello Sandwich! :) arigatou! The music is gorgeous! Ow I just love your taste! Yay I am so happy to have found you through your lovely comments. Have a lovely weekend!
Love love
Hello Sandwich

Light and Writing said...

I want a bike so bad! There is a very tall bridge where my grandparents live used primarily for golf carts but we would fly down it with our legs stretched out it front of us! It was like flying!
Lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

shh, don't tell anyone but i'm scared to ride a bike ;)
i always feel like i will crash or fall off. the way you describe it, riding a bike sounds so freeing and fun.

Make it Easy said...

i find that funny how you said im probably the first boy to comment on your blog. heheh

light & writing:
i like doing that too! (flying down a hill with your legs stretched out!)

its ok...maybe you can try again somewhere safe like a yard or something so the grass can catch you if you fall :-)
go for it!

Hello Sandwich said...

ha ha! well yeah it must sound kind of funny but seriously I think its the truth!! (>_<)

Make it Easy said...

..then, i'm honored.

R said...

hi! thanks for commenting on our blog! oh man i love your blog too. hehe. and i am something of a japanophile as well! oh and ku:nel is absolutely wonderful :)

r@casual poet