15 April 2009

Glowing Cities Under a Nighttime Sky

*turn the music OFF on MY page [at the bottom] to fully enjoy this*

my friend Matt (this branded youth) posted this on his blog a while ago, but i just had to add it to mine!
its so visually stunning and heart warming at the same time.
absolutley beautiful. i love how this makes me feel.

the creator, James Leng, explains:
"On my night time flight back to SF from Amsterdam, I noticed that the lights from cities were making the clouds glow. Really spectacular and ethereal - it was really seeing the impact of urban environments from a different perspective. Each glow or squiggle represents one town or city!..."


J.Yo said...

Oooh, i took a break from my studies, and this made me felt calm again! back to my math! T.T

Make it Easy said...

study hard!
i really really hate math. i am absolutely no good at it, i'm not exaggerating. hah
but ya, this short film takes my mind someplace else.