15 April 2009

Cartoon Graphic Sketch Art!

Stefan Marx (Germany)

Ratinan Thaijaroen (Thailand)

James Jean (USA)

I so happen to be an art major with a studio focus in drawing.
i hope my talents won't fail me.


J.Yo said...

you are! wow, you should post your arts sometimes,maybe? just make sure you put watermarks on them so people dont take them without credit!

btw, i like Ratinan Thaijaroen's it's so delicate and life-like!

Make it Easy said...

i think maybe i'm too shy to show my drawings , they're not that great hahah

monaka said...

do you know Wil Freeborn? I heart his drawings: http://www.ghostschool.co.uk/

You should post your drawings too!

Make it Easy said...

thanks for the link!
his paintings are nice :-)

maybe one day, hehe

rhart said...

as an artist, you'll need to take some risks. you should post your work!

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