13 April 2009

Fjällräven Kånken

thanks to Kate (for me, for you) for the know on these really cool Swedish  children's backpacks! they are so cute and come in many different colours, i just had to buy one!

so i ordered a 'sand' colour one last night! it was shipped today from the UK

i cant wait to get it!


HeiHey said...

hi there,
can you tell me how can i ordwe this on on internet?

hanna said...

Hey! I think I know that guy on the bicycle! We went to the same designuniversity in Gotheburg ; )

I really enjoy your blog.

Make it Easy said...

to heihey!
sure, i ordered it from this website!

to Hanna:
really?! wow!
from the website that i found those pictures on, i think his name is Henrik....is this him?? he is very handsome man too

Fine Little Day said...

Good choice :) We have them in a couple of colours. Kånken = for ever!