27 April 2009

Casual Poet Culture

while doing some blog browsing, on my good friend Anton's page, i came across a wonderful blog that got my smiling! it' called Casual Poet, which is a 'laidback little coffee shop + store in Singapore.' they're such a great blog that shares simple and relaxing inspirations with a sweet Japanese twist.

here's some of their picture post eye candy that got me hooked.

why am i not studying for my BioLab FINAL that i have to wake up at 5.30am for tomorrow?!


J.Yo said...

the coffee store looks reaaaaal cozy. i'll spend forever in such coffee shops!

oh Aron, good luck! hope you do well!

Make it Easy said...

i wish there were coffee shops like that here :-(

i think i did okay :-)
just glad i got one final out of the way already!