10 April 2009

alone but not lonely

this post is dedicated to those wonderful, lazy days you spend at home.

and today is definatley one of those days for me. i am enjoying this rainy afternoon at home, alone, relaxing to beautiful music and my own company. it's so pleasant.

todays stimulating playlist consists of:
quruli, bonobos, kings of convenience, nedelle, nujabes, my little airport

by Hotori

by Ant

by Eiki Mori

by Teppei


J.Yo said...

wow.. your blog is like some kind of a garden, or a small room for me to relax in.. it's so peaceful, i love every photo you post! i can never be able to post something that simple and good! ^^

Quan said...

your blog is very simple and clean... but at the same time, beautifully composed.

thank you for helping me want to make life easier. you inspire me to be more simple... because i am anything but simple. sigh! one day at a time i suppose. :)

sara said...

:) lovely!

Andriusha said...

Today is a day like that for me :)
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the nice comments!
It is a pleasure following yours :)
take care..

Make it Easy said...

thank you. all of you
your thoughts mean a lot to me!
you guys are great people, im happy you (all) found my blog

it makes me smile that my blog makes you smile :-)

You are my fave... said...

These photos put me in very relaxing mood. Lots of days I like being alone but not lonely.

monaka said...

i like to be alone from time to time too. i think it helps me to gather my thoughts and slow down.

sunny said...

these photos are soothing to view. wonderful blog. I'm a new subscriber!