05 December 2009

thanks again to my good blog friend, Sun, for showing me this nice japanese photography website which these beautiful photos came from.

papers to write, projects to finish, one more week of school...then im off to the Philippines with my family to spend christmas and new years!

tonights garden party theme at my house: christmas holiday

(excited for Hiki-sans kami-fusen giveaway & also Kate's for me, for you necklace giveaway! hurry up and enter the contest!)

and happy birthday dad!!! today he would have been 63


Lisa & Cathy said...

i really like the music on your blog its so calm and inspiring actually your entire blog is very inspiring (: i love all the photography you've shared its absolutely unique and amazing. are you from japan?

marie said...

good-luck finishing up, and have a great break!

i also saw hiki's giveaway.. so good!

laura tj said...

all the best with your papers and projects! and do share with us some photos from your party + holiday in philippines! have a nice trip!

Leslie said...

These photos are very pleasant to look at; the hues and lighting--so nostalgic!

Good luck on finishing up your papers and projects, and have a wonderful trip! I'd like to spend the holidays with my family back in the Philippines, especially Christmas...

Luuworld said...

thanks again for sharing goodies! love the photos. the innocence of the kids is so sweet.

Hila said...

Good luck with all your projects and papers! And those photos are indeed lovely.

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eda bayraktar said...

very sweet girls:))

Rina said...

oh, those are so lovely!
they make me blush, and such.

Hey if you haven't heard of Yeondoo Jung, then you should see some of his stuff. He's a Korean photographer. I think you will really like his stuff.
btw, I really like your blog. c;

マイケル said...

hi!been reading your blog for a time now but im a bit shy to comment. well i guess not now.haha.

um, just wanna say i like how you filter all the beautiful things and stream them here. especially those japanese whatnots. hope you get your japan dream whatever that is!

enjoy pinas. i miss it already.

Make it Easy said...

ooh no i havent heard of that photographer. i will have to check them out! thanks for the recommendation :-)

ooh thank you! thats so nice of you :-)
what is pinas though? haha
i cant seem to view your blog :-(

Michael said...

hi. pinas is the slang for philippines. i am a filipino.

im very very shy to share my blog to other people. it's a total garbage anyway haha..

happy holidays!