11 December 2009

some pictures of my room, it was very nice lighting this afternoon, i couldn't help myself. haha. in the first picture is the bench/chair/stool i made in my 3D composition wood shop class. if you remember i asked for ideas of what i should create... well this is what i came up with! i know its very simple, but i like it. looks like something Ikea would have.


Hello Sandwich said...

Your room is so gorgeous Make-it-easy-san! It looks so Japanese - I think that's why I love it! Your woodwork is great too!
Could you please email me your address? I have a little Christmas something to send you.
Love Love
Hello Sando

HELLO TIGER! said...

Aw, I love to see pictures from your home! Thanks!

Nazara said...

you have a lovely room!
full of plants :)

silk said...

Your place is lovely! :)

Fine Little Day said...

I really like your style!

Sun said...

you bedroom is so light and warm, very different with my bedroom, which is very cloudy and moody :p and the stool turned out to be nice as well ;) lovely room.

Anonymous said...

your room is so cozy, love it!

Leslie said...

You have such a lovely room! I love how your room is lit and how the natural light pours in... very cozy and warm; complete contrast from my room, hehe -w-

Your bench/chair/stool turned out nice as well. :)

laura tj said...

i love your space!!!

marie said...

very nice light and shadows!
the stool is great. im looking for something similar :)

Rina said...

your room looks very cozy!
I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduce myself.
Hajimimashite! watashi wa Rina desu. └( `・´ )┘
I really like your blog.

Make it Easy said...

thank you ALL!!!!
yes, i take my room very seriously as it is a strong and important part of who i am and what i represent. a place that is ONLY mine, so might as well make it the most calm and happiest place! haha
and thank you all for the bench compliments! i worked hard on it :-)

hello sando:
i emailed you my address. i cant wait!! thanks love

hajimemashite :-)

jenna said...

öhm, nothing but lovely! those last two photos are my faves... just gorgeous light and your plants are fantastic. beautiful!

danica said...

oh my, your room is gorgeous. i love all of the details like the little shelf with the clock and plant and the little clothesline in the corner.

Hannah Yee said...

Your room looks so simple yet refreshing... Really love it...^^

Celine said...

I like your bench/table creation. In fact, I would love it in my bathroom.
I love your room! so airy, and light, and I love the way you organized your hats. I think I should do that with my husbands hats. thanks for the idea.

Alex said...

hey just browsed through your blog.. I really like your style

Your room makes me jealous..It's so neat and pretty!

Make it Easy said...

thank you!

haha im so glad you noticed! i love small details like that :-)

thank you hannah!!

i actually got the bench idea from a bathroom display in idea! they had a longer one that goes in the bathroom, and i loved it!
im glad you like the hat idea :-)

thanks for stopping by!!

Bev said...

your room is really awesome! :)

Unknown said...

miss your room already!
and LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair! Good job!!!

ifzan ibrahim said...

i love your room. so beautiful.
the bench is awesome. looks like a muji furniture.

rae said...

such a simple and gorgeous place!
i love love japanese and french apartments