01 November 2009

never gets old. always been my perfect film.

what is your one favourite movie that you can watch over and over and never get tired of?


Vanessa said...

That is mine, too! I could watch it over and over. There are a few others, but I think I will do a post about my top five list :-)

Van said...

This makes two vanessas in your comments list (:

Anyway just want to say your blog is brilliant, love the untroubled photos you post up.

Never really thought about which movies but for now maybe spirited away? It made an impression on me when I was younger.

silk said...

This one too! I absolutely adore Lost In Translation, it's my favourite. I also like Last life in the universe, Red Road, and La Haine.

julia said...

Hi there,

Been following your blog for some time now. Like the pics you posted. Very simple but so nice.

As for movies, I would say "The Royal Tenenbaums" for me.
I just love Wes Anderson. ^_^

Celine said...

Wow! the japanese poster is so much nicer for this movie! It sort of looks like a polaroid. I love it! I'd love to have this on my wall.

My movie I will never get tired of is Amelie. I don't understand french, and sometimes I like watching it without subtitles, because I memorize what they are saying anyways, I watched it so many times!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

this is definitely a film I can watch over and over as well!

The ones I never seem to tire of are Morvern Callar & The Princess & The Warrior. both great winter/autumn films

marie said...

amelie, manhattan, and this one. lost in translation makes me want to travel, that feeling of being away from home in a space where time dosnt mean what it usually does.

Unknown said...

Is this the real japanese poster for the movie? If so, where can I get it?

As for my favorite movies, I think I can watch "Shiki-jitsu" over and over again. And "Swing Girls" everytime I'm in a bad mood, because this movie always manages to pick me up and make me happy.

Make it Easy said...

i know, i really dont know how many times ive actually watched this film! i lost count :-)

aw thank you very much! thats such a nice thing to say, i appreciate it :-)
ooh yes miyazaki films are on a whole other level! hahah

ooh thank you for the links to your other favourites as recommendations! :-D

thank you very much! that makes me so happy
and yesssss, i LOVE the royal tenenbaums so much too! its my favourite W.A film too!!

isnt it so much nicer?! i DOES look like a polaroid. oh yes, let me tell you. i would kill to have this poster!
amelie is so great! last night for halloween, my friend was actually amelie!!

oh nice! i have never heard of those films, will definately have to check them out, thanks!

ooh yes thats a nice way to put it. tokyo just really does something to you when your in the heart of that insane/beautiful city

LIT had many different forms of their poster, but i believe this was one of their promo posters in japan. i remember finding this on the internet (a LONG time ago) with all these other promo packages that only came out in japan. i WISH i knew where to get this! i've been on a hunt for these kind of things forever. believe me, i would kill for this poster!

Jenna said...

oh my, once and amelie. they are so near and dear. they have so many memories and great feelings. :)

Sun said...

right now i fall for おくりびと/departure, such a beautiful movie.
but never tire of Ghibli's :) always lift my mood.. oh don't forget me and you and everyone we know & eternal sunshine of the spotless mind :-p haha too many nice movie to mention.

danica said...

this is one of my favourites too! i also never tire of dans paris and the science of sleep.

Anonymous said...

i am very partial to most films by jarmusch, kiarostami, scorsese, tati, ozu, etc. etc...

sofia's work is wonderful, but i might actually prefer her dad's work. :-)

ii-ne-kore said...

i totally agree! i love lost in translation - alltime favourite and one i can watch again and again. beautifully shot and true to tokyo...and GREAT soundtrack.

Luuworld said...

i love "in the mood for love" by hong kong director wong kar wai. the story is wonderful, and the music and images are breathtakingly beautiful! i think this film has defined me as a person in some way. i love, love, love it!

L said...

Mine would be 2046... It's all the movies we watch and the songs that we listen to!

Karin van Dam said...

What a gorgeous blog you have. I'll certainly be back. And I am going to watch that movie. Would you believe I never did before?

A said...

With some movies there is simply no limit to how many times you can watch them, the same with books!

Make it Easy said...

oh my gosh, what a coincidence! my friend JUST told me about that departure movie! he said it was soo good and high raves about it. and yes, i love miranda july!! i didnt reallt care for eternal sunshine though. haha

danica: ooh yes i really liked science of sleep too!

oh wow, i have never heard of any of those film makers! i will have to check them out!

iinekore: i liked the soundtrack so much i got both the american and japanese version. hahah

luu & L:
oh ya i totally like W.K.W films! great modern chinese film noir :-)

thank you so much! wow i cant believe that, please watch it! you'll be doing yourself a favor! hahah

miss madeline:
so true about books <3

This Is Ikon said...

Ha! I think we've all got films that we never get tired of.

Mine's East of Eden and Novo.

hiki said...

hmmm there are too many but かもめ食堂、chunking express, 花様年華 are a few of them.
lost in translation is a good one too, i spotted sophia coppola in shibuya while she was here shooting this one!! she's great!

yawning fawn said...

oh it's so difficult for me to watch a movie over & over again without getting tired of it.

here are a few movies i can watch more than once & still be moved by:


in the mood for love

love me if you dare

before sunrise/before sunset

the above are such beautiful movies and i've watched each of them more than once. usually with at least a 6 month gap between each viewing. i need this gap otherwise the movie loses its appeal.

can you really watch 'lost in translation' again & again? wow.

Make it Easy said...

i have never heard of those before! i should check them out! thanks

wow i have never heard of those either! do you recommend me to watch them, think i will love them too?? haha
you saw sofia coppola in tokyo while she was filming this????? USOO!! hontouni!??? sugee~!!!
im so jealous!! iiinaa

i have never heard of those last two films you mentioned. i should check them out :-)
well, i cant watch it like over and over in one day or anything. i've popped in this dvd in spans of time. hehe, but its gotten to the point where i really lost count of how many times i've actually watched it. and i love it each time :-)

Sun said...

haha, what a coincidence and yes your friend right, you should watch that movie right away! and i forget to mention hirokazu koreeda's, i love his works too, only ever seen some though. but can't wait for the new one,

Kûki ningyô,

it's going to be another beautiful movie with beautiful ost as well.

Studio Duermevela said...

The Virgin Suicides, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Barefoot in the park...
There are so many!

Delphine said...

sense & sensibility, i watch it every time i am sad :)

Make it Easy said...

ooh yes, i LOVe hirokazu koreeda work! cant wait to see kukiningyo too!
also, i really like your new default picture of you :-)

thanks for sharing!!

ooh i have never seen that!

ifzan ibrahim said...

amazing movie & soundtrack :)

yawning fawn said...

Oh I really enjoyed that C.R.A.Z.Y. movie.
I don't think I've ever met anyone in real life who has heard of it or seen it before.
I remember watching it outdoors here on a summer's night at The Moonlight Festival.
The movie has so many great elements - namely the actors & all the great 70's music. It is such a 'cool' movie.
And the ending is so memorable & moving. It is definitely one of my favorites that I could re-watch more than once. Actually, I think I've seen it 3 times.
If you are reading this and haven't seen it please do yourself a favour & seek it out.

Make it Easy said...

oooh thanks ifzan and fawn. i have never even heard of that movie! i definately how to watch it now! it sounds great, thanks!!!

Make it Easy said...

ok...i cant seem to find the crazy movie! im searching for it, and so many results are popping up. i watched a trailer on youtube, but it was about these german boys masturbating or something. hahah and im pretty sure that wasnt the movie!