26 October 2009

Project Help!

in my 3D composition class, our next project is to make a stool/small chair to sit on. i wont be working with big pieces of wood like these, i will only be using 1x2" planks, but can still form various structures in the woodshop. i need ideas & inspirations!

can you offer me any websites or cool chair designs for further inspiration? please :-)


anisatomic said...

i love the first chair!
the second reminds me of ikea.

jenna said...

these look very nice. i always find alvar aalto designs such a classic inspiration. http://www.aalto.com/ (aalto means wave in finnish.)

jenna said...

oh once more, perhaps this is a better link: http://www.artek.fi/products/chairs

Sun said...

hi, here's some links,

http://www.chigo.co.jp/?pid=10409514 (i just found the mood fits you :D)
http://www.cibone.com/items/chair/page3.html (i like the stool & chair designed by Piet Hein Eek)

hopefully it helps :-)

Make it Easy said...

thanks so much for the links! i like them!

thanks for visit and you have a nice blog yourself! i like your art :-)
thank you for the links too! i LOOOVE the chigo website!! it really does fit my mood so much! i like it so much i think i need to blog about it! haha their products are so nice!

charles said...


Make it Easy said...

who woulda thought theres a blog just on chairs. EXACTLY what i needed!!

at Hanna said...

Check ut my friend Stefan Borselius or Fredrik Mattsson // hanna

Anonymous said...

hihi...the last one was designed by Sanaa. love it.

Anonymous said...

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