06 January 2014


Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration with loved ones and friends.  I hope 2014 will be just as wonderful, (I really had a good run in 2013 actually!) and may this new year bring much more health, happiness, and safety! As well as future challenges that will give us more growth opportunities. 

This is my first ever holiday experience away from home and my family, as well as in a whole different country!  It really is a huge life change so far, but all worth the while :-)
*   *   *

I also wanted to share some pictures from my very own Japanese apartment!!! I put a lot of work into making it a comfortable living space for me and I must say, I am quite satisfied.  I live in Saitama, just outside of Tokyo, in a really quiet and quaint neighborhood away from all the busy city life.   

My apartment has a balcony and upstairs loft with lots of natural sunlight.  Those were my main specifications while apartment hunting, and I felt really lucky to get this place!  It was literally the last apartment available on the website (Oak House) and for such a good price too!  I really am enjoying my new life in Japan and I feel quite settled in now :-)

Any New Years Resolutions??

mine are: be more helpful, be more sociable, eat less salty foods, realize that I have nothing to complain about, work harder, play harder, visit Hokkaido & Okinawa, and go camping!


lina said...

love these photos aaron! do you have an instagram? i would love to follow it & your adventures in japan!

Maxime said...

a very cosy place you`ve made. And the resolutions sound perfectly sensible and achievable!

querido diário said...

In such a short amount of time you created such a cozy nook ♡

Luuworld said...

happy new year! nice pictures, looks like you've found a really nice place to live! having an upstairs loft sounds wonderful. cheers for playing harder in 2014 :)

Bea said...

such a very cozy place you got! happy new year! i bet you had a great time celebrating new year there but sad because you're away from your family.

Anonymous said...

your space looks comfy and cosy. i love all the light.

Rina said...

Oh, I really think you picked a perfect place, and your decoration skills are incredible! (;
kanpai to the New Year, Aron-kun!
Let's do our best to achieve our goals, ne!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're now living in Japan. Last year we fell in love with Japan, I was only a month in tokyo and kyoto, but it was a great experience. I want to repeat the experience this year, even months. I am far from Japan (Chili). ajajjaa. I want to go in June. Kiss! Marcela

mundochiquinino said...

lovely blog!

Ryan Kim said...

these are amazing!!
please, if you have an instagram, let me know your account

im a fan


R@!$4 said...

You have a beautiful small apato, such an inspiration with the choice of colors - plus. The green carpet certainly makes a big difference in really small spaces.

just asking whether the ladder is part of the apato and there is a loft? Its just how my dream room I wish it would look like! Thank you.