21 September 2013


My good blog friend, Sun, kindly forwarded me the link to the television drama series Bread and Soup and Cat Weather.  A beautiful piece of film work I have been wanting to watch for a very long time now.  Staring Satomi Kobayashi, who has been in many of my favourite Japanese films encompassing a more simple and quiet lifestyle full of lifes little pleasures.

With only four, 50 minute episodes, this short series feels more like mini-movies taken in perfect little doses.  Whether it be the quaint little cafe offering daily set meals of a simple homemade soup and sandwich, or the perfectly organized Muji-like apartment that comes with the company of a charismatic cat, or even the unexpected relationships built off of the many interesting characters in the neighborhood; you are sure to walk away with a light-hearted easy feeling from this show.

Though no English subtitles are offered,  I still thoroughly loved all the episodes.  I guess it may be to my benefit as well since it helped me study my Japanese on a more conversational level.  Here's the link, I hope you enjoy it too!


Sun said...

And I get the link from one of my lovely friend, Sayaka

Wonderful world of blogger friendship :-D

Rina said...

aa~ I definitely want to watch this right away.
I can already tell it will be sooo good. oh, that little cat has heart melting eyes!

Alex said...

I am excited to watch this! I've watched most of your previous movie recommendations and have loved them!

Good luck and have fun preparing for your big move to Japan!

Alex said...

Although for some reason the video doesn't load when I click on the link you posted?

Make it Easy said...

Oh really? I just clicked on it, and it seems to be working for my computer... hmmm i am not too sure. it might be a plu-in problem on your computer? i'm not too tech-savvy do I dont know how much i can help there. im sorry!

querido diário said...

I already saw all the episodes and i'm in love!

Johanna Tagada said...

Thank you so much for sharing! can't wait to start watching,

All my best wishes for your move to Japan! So happy for you :))))


hazmereir said...

Can't open the link neither. The movies just doesn't load. :(

Sewon said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I clicked on the link despite my nonexisting Japanese skills! There are Korean subtitles.. ^^* Yay! Thanks for sharing, this is perfect for my evening of letter-writing.

cloudsandraindrops said...

I'd really love to see it but the link doesn't seem to work for me:(

I just watched megane instead-so nice!