24 August 2013

my days lately

Just wanted to share some pictures I took lately on my iphone.  I'm trying to take advantage of our beaches much more before I move to Tokyo in the winter time.  I don't even know how to dress for cold weather, so I'm sure that will be a fun challenge for me!

Also, I tried to reply back to all of you on your own personal blogs in thanks of my good news on moving to Japan, but if not, thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement and support!!! It really means a lot to me on this big life move, and I will try to make sure to take you all along the way as I settle into my new life in Tokyo!  Just about 2 more months left!


querido diário said...

It seems you are leaving a good life just before you go to Japan :)

thwany said...

Enjoy your time before you go :)

Odessa said...

I am so late to this news but CONGRATS!!! I'm happy for you, change is always good. I'll live my Japan dream through you. :)

Odessa said...

P.S. one of my friends just got back from a 2-year teacher position through the JET program and she couldn't say enough good things about her experience.

Rina said...


iter_anima said...

lovely photos! and im moving from a sunny city with beaches to a colder and rainy one:/ so i know how you feel. good luck with your new life in Tokyo!