10 June 2013

'I Wish' by Koreeda Hirokazu

i finally watched 'I Wish' by Koreeda Hirokazu who made a whole bunch of other films i loved, like Nobody Knows, Still Walking, and Air Doll.  most of his films deal with family situations but from the child's point of view, encompassing a more delicate and observing perspective with innocence and maturity as a wonderful contrasting factor.  

this film shows two brothers separated by their parents divorce and how their two worlds are completely different in character and situation.  the eldest son is much more mature and responsible with a more realistic view of the world, and the younger son is more like his father (the handsome Joe Odagiri), who is a free-spirited artist with almost no cares in the world.  without giving away too much of the film, these two brothers try to rekindle their parents by making a very special journey with their friends for a "miracle" to happen, and along the way this film speaks of many deep and inspiring life lessons that we all can relate to as adults.  with Koreeda's signature simplistic cinematography, this melancholy yet uplifting film will pull at your heart strings but also cheer you up with it's childlike silliness. 

if you have Netflix available to you, please watch this film if you haven't already because it is currently streaming now! 


Sun said...

His new movie is coming soon! :-D

Rina said...

Aron-kun hisashiburi!
I always see this movie on netflix, and I have been meaning to watch it!
Glad to know you recommend it.
isogashii desu ka?
I want to send you another letter soon! please look forward to it!
jya ne.
oh and I also can't wait to see some of your pottery! ii ne~

shamsa ❤ said...

This is a really beautiful movie! I also saw "Nobody Knows" and it brought me to tears, he is a wonderful director! I really love your blog, you have beautiful photos!