02 April 2013

'Ulanalee' の Tokyo city

(photos by ulanalee)

so it's time that i start making bigger decisions in my life since i'm not getting any younger, and working on one of my life goals (moving to Japan) is in the process...!!!  i'm starting to slowly plan and actively move forward in my journey there, which if course will still take some time since saving enough money for this move will be the most time consuming.  but apart from that, i have been talking to a lot of people and receiving a lot of advice and support which will hopefully push me along.  i have a couple opportunities lined up that i'm looking into with my fingers crossed, so please wish me the best of luck too!



Hello Sandwich said...

Happy to have helped!
That second photo is a second away from my apartment!

querido diário said...

best of luck *

Claudia Forbes said...

All the very best - positive mindset - positive action!!!

Claudia Forbes said...

Positive thought- positive action! Good luck!

Rina said...

Watashi mo! I also want to move to Japan. Let's work hard so we can see each other in Japan, ne ;)
let's do our best!
Aron-kun, I did change my blog address. gomene for the confusion ):
I am changing my blog right now, and I still have some things to work on.
here is my new address
If you'd like to continue to read my blog.
jaa ne!

Edrick said...

yay wow go for gold aron!! so happy for you! goodluck!! :-)

Melissa~ said...

Good luck!!!
Move to Japan is my dream too, so I can relate to you.
Keep the hard work and good luck!

hazmereir said...

Good luck, I'm also planning (or more dreaming for now) to move to Japan! So, see you around ^_^.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck!! :D

kumi and sprout said...

I'm planning on moving there too one day. Well, a few years or so! I'm cheering you on Aron! You'll make it there very soon! I'm so happy for you!

Jatidiri/Ono said...

Love the mood of the pictures. I think everything looks great in Japan.