21 April 2013

Sadako's Unfashionable Fashion Diary

i feel very lucky to have made an instagram friend with Sokki, who is a extremely talented and wonderful artist based in Singapore.  this first print illustration (with the ukulele) was sent to me as a gift from her, as we did an art-swap!!  i was so excited and ecstatic to have this framed in my room as a reminder of the wonderful friendships and connections we can make around the world through outlets like photo blogging! 

her world is filled with colour, movement, expression, mystery, voice, horror and happiness, fashion examples, and confusing excitement through unique body-language!  whether it be her detailed and eccentric illustration projects, or the amazingly beautiful tights / stockings she made a reality from simply drawings; her originality continues to inspire me.  she easily became one of my most favourite artists out there, over night, and i'm sure these examples of her work below will immediately grab your attention and win your hearts in a flash. 

please please visit her blog: Sadako's Unfashionable Fashion Diary for much more of her hand-drawn artwork, photography, animated clips, prints, costume play, collaborations, prominent fashion editorial shoots, and much more!  she's completely mysterious & refreshingly original all at once. 


island-shii said...

That is awesome, thanks for sharing the site. I love how unique she is.

Dennie said...

that drawings are really great!

Rina said...

Oh my gosh, is this the same Sadako from Ringu?
haha! What a refreshing concept! The traditional pictures ones are my favorite.
genki de!

Jennifer said...

These are great ~ i love her blog.

Melissa~ said...

I'm running to visit her blog.
Amazing how she portraits Sadako as a cute quirky girl.Now I'm not going to be scared anymore.
Gorgeous ilustration and coloring.
Thanks for sharing this. And lucky you who became friend with her.

And about the frienship and connection that the blog world gives us, I'm all the time amazed by that, and gratefull. Even if you don't become a friend with the blogger, you get the chance to know their minds, the most beautifull part of ourselfs.