09 April 2013

Heavenly Beat

i can't stop listening to Heavenly Beat.  with the front man, John Pena, who is also the bassist for the band Beach Fossils (another favourite of mine) creating beautiful music you can dance to and also relax to.  to me, his new solo project sounds like a mix of Kings of Convenience and The Radio Dept. put together, creating tropical acoustic sounds and pop-beats with a dreamy voice that is very easy on the ears. 

the whole album, entitled Talent, is wonderful but 3 songs grab my attention:

- Faithless: the addicting single that grabbed everyones interest with it's poppy and upbeat sounds that remind me of a fun beach party at sunset.  with a Caribbean acoustic melody, catchy violin hooks, and cute popping beats in the background, i was sold after just hearing this song once (actually, for the first time while shopping in an Old Navy! haha).

- Presence: the video is a live acoustic session in someones apartment, giving it a more intimate studio sound which is much better than the actual album version (in my opinion.)  the feel and mood is more gentle and loving, which i can imagine being played on a romantic car ride through the countryside in Italy. 

- and Influence: which is kind of a blend of the first two songs above, with a more Spanish guitar sound and upbeat violins and pop-beats in the far background, but still with a simple and quiet tone that you can quietly snap your fingers to. 

if you haven't already heard of this band, give it a listen!  i hope you enjoy it too!  ♡


Tabitha said...

more music! :) thanks for sharing so many lovely things, and thanks for letting me know about the other two songs!

querido diário said...

oh i love this <3

Rina said...

not only easy on the ears, but also that front man is very easy on the eyes ;)
such a good sound!
I think I found a new favorite band.
arigtou ne!

Anonymous said...

your blog never fail to make me feel like im on a vacation!

Melissa~ said...

I love to find new artists, so Im going to listen his music. With your words, you convinced me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really enjoying your blog. What is the song that's playing on it? Can't find the info...

Make it Easy said...

hello Anonymous:
the song playing on my page is by the Seatbelts, called "wo qui non coin"

Jatidiri/Ono said...

koc + the radio dept?? oh i'm so going to find the songssss.

thanks for sharing, Aron ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love getting music recs! Thank you for sharing! :D