10 March 2013

finally met Shannyn Sossamon!!!

so almost a full year ago, i did this post about how me and my friends were crushed when we went to a live DJ event that Shannyn was "supposed" to show up to but didn't...  well that was well made up for because last week, on my birthday weekend, we learned that she would be the guest DJ at a new club event so we immediately bought our tickets in advanced!  and the rest is history!  she actually was there DJ'ing and we actually got to meet her in the flesh and take photos with her... !!!!

she was only doing her set until 12am, and we got there in line at around 11:45, so the minute we got in  i literally ran to her DJ booth! and there she was... it was perfect timing.  she was so much more beautiful and charming than i had imagining, and was also extremely kind and smiley!  i was embarrassed because i had to ask her 3x to take a photo because the flash on my phone wasn't working, but she was more than happy to take another one and said i was funny for even asking, but i know she was just being nice. haha

i still can't believe it when i think back to that night... i know i sound like a crazy fan but i have never been so star-stuck before!  best. birthday. present. ever. ♥♥♥


laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

lol so happy for you, she is so pretty! i feel the same way about erlend oye (from kings of convenience and the whitest boy alive) - i've seen their gigs few times now but my life will just not complete without meeting him in person lol. happy belated birthday aron!

Anonymous said...

finally! we did it :)

Rina said...

Yatta Aron-kun!!
There are a few celebrities I would like to meet, and I'm sure I would just gush and blush all too much if I got the chance to meet any of them.
That's so great you finally got to meet her! and right around the same time as your birthday. Ii ne!
genki de! ♥♥
and happy belated birthday!

sylvï said...

you look so happy, it makes me happy.

( ^ ; ^)