31 January 2013


i finally got to watch this movie after waiting so long! Rent-a-cat is a quaint little Japanese film that came out last year.  just like my other favourites, its a quiet life-movie with room for breathing and thought.  but of course, the love of cats is well played in this one!

it plays on the term "crazy cat lady" but with a more thoughtful outlook on a quirky young woman who uses her cats to mend lonely hearts.  as much as this film is a comedy, with very colourful characters, it also came across to me as a very lonely film... it goes through different types of "loneliness-es" and living situations that many people face in reality.  so this movie is a nice reminder that no matter who you are in life: young or old & rich and poor, everyone has some sort of hole in their heart that needs filling. 

you can watch the film here!  and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!  :-3


Hello Sandwich said...

Oh you always share the best movies! I am going to watch this tomorrow! Thank you!!! xoxo

Jennifer said...

I really want to watch this film now~ I love quirky Japanese films.

Edrick said...

ooh been seeing gifs of this on tumblr i love it! Ill watch this! maybe i can do the same w my other cats jk hahaha

Rina said...

Aron-kun hisashiburi~!
I watched rentaneko a little while ago, and I loved it!
I waned to write about it on my blog, but you've already said what I wanted to say.
I definitely think cats can fill some of the little wholes in people's hearts!;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! =)