25 November 2012

tis the season.

Hello friends!!

i know i haven't been blogging very often, but i just got a new full time job and have been hustling with my schedule!  and on my days off i usually just like to sleep all day or spend it with my family.  but i hope you all have been doing great this holiday season!

i hope your Thanks Giving was fun and fulfilling!  and that means that Christmas is just around the corner!!  i'm actually really excited for it, and it's nice because as tropical as Hawaii is, it's getting very cold and windy here, so it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

and since it is the season of giving, i want to do a GIVEAWAY!!! because i started my whole jewelry-making hobby this year, i see it fit that i share that this Christmas!  (i also apologize that my Etsy has been on holiday for quite some time now), but if you don't know, here are some examples of my pieces that you might look forward to seeing in my giveaway: here, here, here, and my pinterest.

so check back soon to see the details about my giveaway!!!

ps:  this is my new favourite song to dance to...
(i just imagining it being a fun song to play at a wedding!  like the bride and grooms first dance together as a couple, singing it to each other in front of everyone. instead of a slow dancing song, they're just grooving and having a blast!  that'd be cute...)


Sewon said...

Ohh yay! I've spotted your jewelry pieces on your instagram, and I'm secretly a huge fan. I hope you open up your etsy store once things settle down a bit~

Rina said...

Glad to hear about your new job. : )
That's how I felt with my summer. I only had Sunday off, so I didn't feel like doing anything all day.
I understand your feelings.
Oh please open your shop again!
The bracelet I bought from you had fallen off somewhere (probably at work).
It was so cute! ブレスレットはおまもりでした。
I would love to purchase a new one, it doesn't have to be the same. Just as long as you design in. ; o

What a nice song! it makes me want to shake my hips! ;o aww, that little part you said about this song at a wedding is so adorable. I can totally picture it

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

congrats on your new jobbie yippieeee!! can't wait for your giveaway!!

Jay said...

I've never spent any major holiday outside of NYC. I think it'd be so bizarre to have Thanksgiving/Christmas /New Years someplace warm haha.

Btw, I enjoy the song! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before ... maybe Pandora!

I also used to KILL IT with the hula hoop when I was like 7. Now, not so much hahahaha.

Alex said...

That's such an adorable video.. and like the song. When I was listening to it the idea of the bride and groom dancing to it made me smile :)

Alex said...

oh yes and I also recently watched the movie you posted - bread of happiness. I loved it! I really love your movie recommendations.