02 October 2012

Kari Herer

i am obsessed with these prints by Kari Herer!  one of the finest examples i have ever seen using flower petals in art.  these are definitely on my future purchase wish-list.  now it's just a matter of deciding which ones to get... i think i have to get two. simplicity and elegance altogether. 


Sun said...

Lovely :-) the third and fifth one are my favorites.

thwany said...


Rina said...

You always find just the prettiest things!
It's because you have such good taste, ねー!
I'm sure you will pick the perfect
The fifth one is my favorite

Koey said...

These are very pretty. The use of petals makes the insect look so gentle.

hiki said...

so lovely!
thanks for sharing these, they made me feel happy :)

HomeCollection. said...

lovely !

the béchamel sauce said...

pretty things! thank you Aron for sharing these as I enjoyed it in the middle of tons of homeworks! these enlighten and clear the mind, really! :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I really like the last (I like the ones with the petals as wings best).
Have you decided on which two?

Thanks for sharing! =)