09 July 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

today i watched Wes Anderson's new masterpiece, Moonrise Kingdom.  even after what my friends said, who also saw it, i can agree that it really is his best film yet!  it just has everything: amazing locations, hilarious scenes, emotional scenarios, awesome wardrobe, ensemble cast, and not too mention the music.  overall, i would say it's a great love-story and adventure film!

if you haven't seen it yet, i highly recommend you do!  but after the movie finishes, and the credits are rolling... don't leave!  make sure to catch the beautifully orchestrated/narrated musical score that plays after the introductory credits.  it's a real treat for your listening pleasure.

bravo Wes! you've really topped yourself once again.


Louise said...

Awww, I'm so looking forward to see this movie! I'm seeing it Thursday in the cinema. Your description of the film sounds marvellous!

HomeCollection. said...

I've seen it twice in one week !
Love this movie !