18 July 2012

Makkuro Makkuro

our team of designers and friends, group photo.
my little booth where i sold my jewelry.
i basically wanted it to look like my room. haha
our front cashier desk
apart from some of our original design work for sale,
we also sold a lot of great 2nd hand and thrift goodies.
hand bags, book, jewelry, toys, art...
i also had my own little space to display
printworks i did back in college.
this back wall had great lighting, so we
took most of our pictures against this wall. haha
fun thrift goods!
we all were instagraming so much! hahah
on the last day, my cousin Amber joined us to sell her beautiful
hand made jewelry as well! you can see and get her creations
on her etsy page at Mango Luxe.
many of our good friends and family came in to support us!
including blog friends Monica (Mon Rabu) and Juvy (Groovy Juvy)
one of our local news stations also came in and did a little feature 
on us! it was very exciting.  here is a link to another local newspaper
that advertised us a little to the local public. surprisingly, majority 
of our customers said they found out about us from this little
article, when we asked them how they knew. hehe
our wall of cheki's! we tried to take pictures of everyone who
bought something.  it was a very proud moment for us.
and of course we drank wine the whole weekend to celebrate.

so those were some pictures i took of this past weekends pop-up event!  we had great fun doing this and was quite sad when we had to take everything down after just two days.  it was a completely white and empty art gallery before this, and we turned it into our very own little shop!

it was a special and intimate project for us, since we all are good friends.  and we were very happy and surprised at the turn out and attention we received from all this!  we honestly didn't think that much people would come, but we all did VERY well since we were almost all sold out of our designs in the end.  we met many new faces and made new friends and just felt so blessed from all the love and support our families have shown us.  

as far as future events, they want to make it a quarterly thing, so we might have another one in october or november! which means we have to get busy and start making new creations for the next show!

and if you're wondering about the name 'Makkuro Makkuro', it translates to "pitch black, pitch black" in Japanese.  and what it came from (if you already haven't guessed) is from Hayao Miyazaki's famous anime "My Neighbor Totoro."  in the movie (which i'm sure you all have seen!) there are the 'Makkuro Kurosuke' who are little tiny dust/soot sprites that wander around in the night.  well, our theme was inspired from them, because just like the Makkuro Kurosuke, our shop would only appear for a short and limited time and then we would just disappear into the night... i guess making it that much more special to witness since we will pop up randomly. 

so thank you guys for showing such great support to me as well, my lovely blog family :-)  i will continue to work hard and create more jewelry for future events, as well as my etsy.

♥ Aron


Luuworld said...

Congratulations! Looks like a very cool happening.

Haring Pula said...

Great! Congratulations! :)

hiki said...

this all looks amazing!
i enjoyed your instagram shots it looked so much fun and i love the name too :)
pop up shop is something i've been really wanting to do one day!

Rina said...

おめでとう for the success of the popup event, and for your first show!
I am so glad you're doing well.
every time I wear the bracelet you made, I always get such lovely complements.

Lander Writer said...

Congratulations on this special success. May your successes be even greater in the future.

Thank you for sharing - such a unique post.