27 June 2012


just wonderful portraits and fashions by Yokoo.  she really turned scarves and accessories into an art form.  very cool! :-D

so lately i've been sick. very sick.  like 'miss two weeks of work' kind of sick.  it's not fun to catch a viral disease... but i will not get into that :-(
all i have been doing is eating soup, staying home, and visiting numerous doctors.  please hope i get better soon!  and don't take your health for granted!  i definitely will have to change my lifestyle after this :-/
until then, Fiona Apple, Josh Mease, Real Estate, and Neil Young have been helping to sooth my soul ♡ ...take care everyone!... ぼくもがんばります〜!


thwany said...

Get well soon!

Rina said...

Oh it's Yokoo!
I've been a Yokoo fan since I've joined etsy. Now she makes lovely clothes (like jumpers) I also like her shop "Mother". (:
She makes such lovely accessories and clothing!
p.s. once again, thank you for the bracelet, and your lovely note!!
You are too sweet Aron-kun!

Lavender Playground said...

Get well soon!!!

Yoli said...

Aron, I said a prayer for your health dear one. I am so worried. Hope everything starts looking up for you.

HomeCollection. said...

i love yokoo !
(and keep watching her "handmade portrait" http://vimeo.com/17344388 )
hope you're better now..

hello bunnies said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather! :(
I hope you're feeling better now... ♡