29 November 2011


these last 4 pictures are at a great bar/cafe' called Kamera, right in the middle of Shimokitazawa. the food is so delicious and very reasonable price for the lunch set. i liked it so much, i brought my friend Koichi with me the next time i went! 

Shimokitazawa is well known for it's many vintage and thrift stores, ethnic and accessory shops, and also cafe's and little eateries. once you get off the train, you step into colourful streets and alleys filled with shopping and fun things to see! it's definitely a cute little town to get lost in...

here is also a little video i made of my walk through Shimokitazawa! its in HD :-)


Sun said...

i want to get lost in herrre. The cafe with lot of plants on the walls look so cute! like a hidden treasury shop.

Make it Easy said...

Sun! you would love this town!!
i think that shop you are talking about... they do serve coffee, but it was more of a item shop filled with a bunch of pretty and interesting science things :-)
so i guess it IS a hidden treasure shop! hahah

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

Yay you were able to go! i'm glad ;D
i haven't been there for so long and i live so near it haha

btw did you remember what you were going to ask me?

Make it Easy said...

no i dont! hhahahahaa

Sewon said...

Ohh, I LOVE the corner cafes and how these shops spill into the sidewalks. And I'm a fan of that photo of you with the red bicycle. :]

Yoli said...

I am so enchanted with everything you are posting Aron. I NEED to go to Japan!

thwany said...

love the photos. this place looks like it has a lot of character.

Hanna Åberg said...

what an amazing trip...!

ashley said...

oh my goodness! the cafes there look incredible! that one with the leaves all over the outside!!! Ahhhh.. i would just be in heaven there!

nara said...

yay im glad u went and liked it! :) also miss ya, what have u been up to? i live in library :(. lets go to beach winterbreak?

Make it Easy said...

hi hii! i have been working like everyday!! because of my two jobs ya, i am scheduled 7 days a week!!!! so i only get a day off if im lucky :-(
but its ok because i am broke from Japan and need money! hahah
and i still have all your omiyage too :-p

thank youu!! isnt that painted wall great too?! i loved it so much. hahah

yesss, you should goo!!!! and thank you Yoli <3

yes, i agree. that town is VERY colourful character. hahah

thank you! i had such an amazing time!! :-D

yes, that place was very pretty!! my friend Sun said he would love that cafe too!! heheh, its also a science item store :-)

Rina said...

vintage and thrift stores? Cafes and eateries?
I probably would get lost here. Looks like there would be so much to see.
yaaaay! another video!
You pick the perfect music to go along with your videos.
ii na!!
kimi no bideo wa tottemo SUKI! <:

Jolo said...

Looks like you really had fun. Tokyo & Japan in general is really interesting. Your trip photos made me reminisce and pack my bag back there.

kitchu said...

i have always loved Japan. always.

because of you and all that you have shared, i am mad about japan. in love. enamored.

by the way, what is this song with your video? so good!

Blace said...

I have always wanted to go. Looks like an incredible day. I love the pictures.

Make it Easy said...

aaah thank you! so sweet!
i am so happy you like the video tooo!!! hehe :-D

thank you! i know, i always daydream about it still always. haha

AW, thank you!!! you are too kind kitchu! i am soo happy you like the photos i have shared! that means a lot to me! the song is called "late summer" by Seapony

thank you for you comment!
you should try go one day! it just takes a lot of time to save for it, since Japan is so expensive! hahah :-p

Jatidiri/Ono said...

i'm so drooling right now. i want to get lost there

Pascale said...

I've been there ! I am in love with this place...