20 November 2011


so here is my first mini-movie from my Japan trip! it was of the wonderful day i had with Hiki-san as we rode our bikes through Tokyo! i took much more video footage throughout my stay, so look forward to more of these mini-movies :-D

* you can turn my blog music off at the bottom of the page to listen better *



Lavender Playground said...

Loved it! It's really calming and I felt like I was riding along with you guys =)

sight said...

Such a lovely video, I so glad you had a great time whilst in Japan, come back again soon!

Hanna said...

Lovely :)
I miss the streets of Japan~

Anonymous said...

Can you please turn off the auto-start of the music on your blog?

Best regards!

o l y said...

me too me too :]
i have so many mini mini videos of tokyo ♥

Rina said...

Yay! What a wonderful video!
Oh, this song is special. it was the first lullatone song I heard.
It's funny, because I imagined myself walking/bike ridding around the streets of Japan when I heard it!
Hiki san has such elegance when she's riding her bike, just the way i thought she would be when she bike rides

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful bicycle ride :)

See Hear Say said...

everything looks so nice in japan! i wanna see more videos!! what camera did you use to record this?

kitchu said...

you are a genius. i loved this SO much!

Make it Easy said...

im glad you all like the video!!!

see hear say:
for this video, i forgot which camera i used... i know its not my new one i bought IN japan (which i mentioned in another post), i think it was 1 of my 2 other cameras i brought, which is older because i can tell from the quality... but i know they are both Cannons... hahaha
sorry that probably doesnt help though huh :-p

hiki said...

waaaa i missed this post!
ha ha ha ha!
i miss our bike riding afternoon! たのしかったー!