09 October 2011

day 13

rainy day in Shibuya
(Lost in Translation みたいね?)

Hawaii used to have a Mos Burger too :-(
super oishii pasta bento breakfast from conbini!


only 100 yen drink, very good orange juice with pulp! うまい!
bike riding in Kakinokizaka
found another cute cafe in my neighborhood
this drink was much too sweet
little fish pets at 100 yen store!

plant sale inside Shinjuku station
Harajuku shopping

Shinjuku Koen
Koichi took me to flea market! すごくやすい!

pikachu was super happy to see the view too :-p
this homeless man who lived under a bridge had so many cats!

found another Hara Donuts in Nakano
i love Nakano! soo many great places to eat in back alleys!

cute curtain

kaiten sushi!! ちょおいしい!
my first time trying Uni. i liked it! very creamy...
purikura in Shinjuku

omg, this damn UFO machine took 1200 yen from me!
...and i still didnt win that llama!
(but look how close i was!! ぜったいむり!ざんねん。。。)

karaoke with Monica, Mighty, and Zumi-chan!
(some purikura we took, thanks Monica for sending them to me!!)

270 yen izakaya!
Chinatown in Yokohama

with Mai-chan and her friend Naomi!

very pretty forest hike up to Yokohama bay view point

so many dogs in Motomachi!
last night, i went to Karaoke again with my new friend Taka!
i actually met him on his birthday last week, we were eating at the same cafe.
coincidentally, our apartments are right next to each other!
and we also both love the band Bonobos!!
うれしい〜! :-D

more pictures throughout my days :-)

i bought this new camera the other day, which i have been recording everything on! i love the camera, its so cute and super Japanese. hahah

i have also been recording ALOT of videos, which i will later make into mini-movies after...

yesterday i felt my first earthquake in Japan! apparently, there was one on my 2nd day here, but i didn't feel it because i was walking around i think. but yesterday i was in my apartment and everything started shaking! i was so scared, but it went away after like 3min... but it was still very surprising!


cLicKcLicK said...

lovely pics. your photos make me feel like going to japan!:)

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...


Johanna Tagada said...

I have such a good time looking at all your pictures, thank you.

The lama you tried to win is so so funny! I guess I would have lost a lot of money in that one too! :)
Oh there is so much to say on all this..

Jade said...

You have taken some really cool pictures, I wish I could go there someday.

hiki said...

kinmokusei :)

love your pics, all so lovely!

Luuworld said...

Love the pics, so cool you're sharing your adventures! Funny you made a friend who lives right next to u :)

Jenna Templeton said...

Great selection of photo's I lived of those conbini noodle packs from Lawsons when I was in Japan. I really wish I could get one of those llama's :)

Emmie Rae said...

beautiful, fantastic, amazing photos! filling me with joy! haha. i will be there in one month. i cannot wait.

it looks like you are having the best time, brings a smile to your readers faces!


See Hear Say said...

yay there are dogs too on your post this time! i want your life right now, so super jealous with all the good times you're having in japan. enjoy and make the most of it (which i'm sure you do)! :)

Yoli said...

I want to move there!!!!!

Sewon said...

Ohh I'm loving your photos of Tokyo! Every day looks like a big adventure. It makes me wonder why I'm leaving Asia and going back home to the states. I should stay, fly out to Tokyo, visit other islands, etc. :] P.S. That llama!!! I would totally spend so much money trying to win that thing. Those UFO machines are impossible..

thwany said...

cooooooooooool. love all the photos!

Lady said...

more city photos~ yey!! <3

Rick Manzano said...

oh no! i feel bad for the fish! :P