20 June 2011

(i took these photos on my phone)
yesterday, we hung out with my friend Yuka, who is visiting from Japan. we stayed at her hotel and went out at night to party, slept over, woke up early to eat udon, then went to this nice park to take a nap. it was fun but tiring, haha!

later, we went to eat some yogurt, and after found this by my friends car!
it was a SWORD! such a random day! hahaha

ps: i hope everyone had a great fathers day yesterday!! ♥


有力 said...

Love it!!! Particularly the sword!

Rina said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

A sword? That's so weird!

odessa said...

whoa, a sword?! that is indeed random. and kinda dangerous. haha.

thwany said...

napping in parks is the bestttt.

kitchu said...

i am sure it doesn't get any more random than THAT! did you leave the sword there? :)

Claudia said...

oh my goodness, now how could you top that... jeez!