07 April 2011

so my good friend Sun tagged me in the Versatile Blogger Award (thanks Sun!), where you must share 7 random facts about yourself... so here is mine:

- when i was younger, i thought bubbles were angels
- i am incredibly horrible at math
- i have a bag and hat obsession
- ghost stories excite me, though i wish to never see one
- i'm (still) a huge fan of the spice girls
- i have a tiny rock stuck inside my right ankle, from when i fell and cut myself at the beach many years ago
- my dad named me after Elvis (his middle name was Aron) and my last name (Luangphinith) was actually borrowed from a neighbor in my dads village in Laos due to the war. but if my mom named me and we kept our original Chinese last name, my name would have actually been Ken Chan :-p

...and the next 3 people i award this to and pass on is: Celine, Rina, and Thwany.


Miss Flying V said...

I love that second picture! So cute :)

xx Viola

kitchu said...

i loved learning your little tidbits. funny that i love a good scare but no longer can watch anything remotely frightening either.

these photos are so adorable.

Luuworld said...

wow, those cat pics are great. there's a funny side to them that really made me smile!

anyway- we have the math thing in common. i suck at it too. thank god for the calculator! oh and i looooove ghost stories!
and what an honor to be named after elvis, he is one of my all time favorite artists. so incredibly hot....

Yoli said...

Love your new header and those kitty legs! Thank you for sharing these interesting things about yourself.

world of sekimachihato said...

i share your hate for math too, i cringe at the thought of even having to do any kind of calculation...

cool to learn a few more interesting facts about you :P

Sandrine for Neëst said...

Hoooooooo !!!

odessa said...

ooh..that's so cute that you thought bubbles were angels. and i have a 2nd degree cousin named ken chan. :)

also, i adore your new header!

Rina said...

aw! look at those little kitty legs!!
<(_ _*)>

thwany said...

i'm so with you on #2.

anyway, i just completed mine :)

Anonymous said...

How cute is that cat on the first pic!

Bonjour Johanna said...

A few months ago I bought me a old Spice Girls polaroid camera. I will still use it a little bit, & then if you want I would be glad to gift it to you if it can make you happy/smile.
Just let me know about it,

(ps : thank you for "pretty")

Katyha said...

these photos are the cutest things ever, I don't think my cat would allow me to do anything like that to him.

I really love your blog and the way you view the world through your camera it is gorgeous