23 March 2011

-these shorts i ordered came in the mail today
-coloured my hair back to dark brown. being blonde was fun
-in the middle of my spring break
-still getting over a nasty cold
-it has been very windy lately
-i havent worked in more than 3 weeks
-i took 2 naps today


Yoli said...

The shorts look cool. Glad you are back in your brown hair and I am sure blond was fun. Hope you feel better soon, we are all here with a cold and it is exhausting.

Rina said...

I swear, you could bee a model.
Oh how I miss spring break ):
I really want a nap.

Drink lots of orange juice. I don't get colds I just have really bad allergies. :/
but either or is not fun.
♥hope you feel better soon♥

Sun said...

drink water much, take a rest, hope you'll get well soon and enjoy the spring :-)

thwany said...

nice shorts.

Luuworld said...

naps are great! i love taking naps. nice shorts btw :)