29 April 2010

love these photos by Mai Tanaka

i had korean food for dinner tonight, yum!

and now i'm having an allergy attack in the middle of the night :-(

congratulations to Ebony for making the change to move to Tokyo!!
おめでとう you lucky girl

26 April 2010

here are three magazines i bought the other day. two of them are interior design magazines to help with ideas and organization tips for your Japanese apartments. and the other one is a great mens fashion/life magazine with everything from clothes, food, grooming tips, hobbies, and entertainment.

(these first 7 pictures are from the mens magazine.)

(does this bonsai shop look familiar to you? its the shop in Tokyo called Sinajina that Iinekore mentioned in her trip to Japan, which was originally mentioned by the Tokyoite herself, Hikisan!)

(...and the rest of the pictures are from the interior magazines. i love all these living spaces. they remind me a bit of Muji, with it's simple layouts and emphasis on sunlit rooms with house plant decor)

today i need to: clean my room, do the laundry, water my plants, cook myself a nice meal, then maybe watch a relaxing dvd on this fine afternoon.

ps: thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post. it was sooo interesting to read all your little quirks about yourselves! some made me really laugh out loud! ...and also how majority of you are completely opposite from me when it comes to liking sweets! i cannot handle it! hahah, but i must admit, there is this amazing Japanese cheese-cake at this Japanese confectionery/restaurant that makes me melt inside. but thats only because it's not sweet at all! its very light and you can cut through it like tofu. おなかすいた!

22 April 2010

random fact about myself:
i dont like eating dessert/sweets. sugar makes me kind of sick.

tell me something about yourself...?

21 April 2010

photos by Hideaki Hamada

two more weeks of school. time to work hard.

i'm always tired, even though i get enough sleep.

the rain came back. it makes me feel a bit lonely.

my room is a mess. so much laundry.

i need to save more money. i need to make more money.

i shaved my head today.

20 April 2010


the Hawaii International Film Festival is in town for the week, and last night me and my friends went to watch Summer Wars. it was such a great film! visually stunning, amazing story, super funny, and very cute. the story gets pretty intense at the end, but none the less, it was a fun film to watch. and dont you just love all these little mini-posters?!

just watch the first 5min. of the film....it's super cute!!!

17 April 2010

weekend so far...

i like this view from my friends apartment. he lives on the 9th floor, and every friday, you can see the fireworks the city displays!

i went on a little hike the other day around Diamond Head, and found myself by the sea once again. it was such a nice afternoon...this makes me want to get back into surfing :-P

and today i went to Kawaii Kon! its a Japanese Anime convention, it was the first time i have ever been to one of these, so it was so fun for me! if you already did not know, i am a huge dork and i like video games. haha, so i felt so comfortable here! everyone was so interesting and friendly. i had a great time!

(this totoro is kind of scary and ugly, don't you think? haha)

and tomorrow i'm having a photoshoot with a couple of my friends for a project. i am kind of excited, we will see how it goes.....also, PLEASE WATCH THIS hilarious cat video!! i almost died laughing so hard!!

15 April 2010


some delicate photos to make you smile. have a nice day :-)