24 November 2010

more of my plants. i also repotted this big mushroom from my yard. i hope it sustains itself well like the other mushroom! and i received my order in the mail today: vintage rice bag printed shorts, which are very comfortable by the way.

today is very windy
tomorrow is thanksgiving


Sun said...

Aron in wonderland, haha. you could be a plant painter with lot of plant subjects around you :-o

Yoli said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Rina said...

I love your plant pictures!
I can totally see you being a Herbalist.
And those shorts look great!!

Have a button-bustin' Thanksgiving!!

Megan said...

Your plants are so beautiful! That mushroom is absolutely adorable. I would have never thought to re-pot a mushroom I found outside but that's such a great idea!