04 November 2010


just finished watching another Japanese film called Solanin. based off of a popular comic book, this story is of a cute couple trying to make a life for themselves. whether it's quitting their jobs or trying to continue their rock band, they face tough situations where the only thing they can do is keep going. this film is definitely about pushing yourself forward even when you feel there's no hope. as they say in Japan: がんばってください ... and i especially love the pretty cinematic scenes where they play very light and calming electric guitar solos. its very uplifting :-)

the main actress, Aoi Miyazaki, is also in another movie called Heavenly Forest (ただ君を愛してる) which i also recommend watching. its a cute film that focuses a lot on photography. you can watch it here too!

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Shinya said...

Woah.. I had a few hours to kill so I watched both of these.. So good. I pretty much cried watching the second one! Thanks for sharing.

Resha said...

Thanks for sharing Heavenly Forest! Cried watching it. Really beautiful.

Sun said...

I've always to watch this :-o I will check it right away!

Have you watched Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (the movie one not the series)? It's also nice, from the same author of Tada kimi wo aishiteru.

Jewels said...

Both films look really cool ! I think I'm goin' to watch them both, specially the one about photography since I that's what I love.
Btw i really likve your blog, I'm obssesed with Japanese culture and stumbling on your blog was one of the best things that happened to me today ! So from today on I'm going to follow your blog ! :)


Michelle said...

this looks right up my alley. Once I'm done w/schoolwork I'm def gonna check this out. Looks pretty cute & awesome!

Galit said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this!
I love the aesthetics of your posts so much and this one is one of my fave.