15 October 2010


last night, we went to the HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) and watched a great Japanese film called "Rinco's Restaurant." i have a lot of Japanese DVD's, and also enjoy watching Japanese films at previous HIFF's each year... but i must say, i like this movie A LOT! so i highly recommending watching it!!

it takes places in a forrest. through some personal hardships, Rinco looses her voice, yet still takes on her only passion: cooking (which seem to have magical powers). this movie has so many great aspects to it - the story, the cinematography, her wardrobe (i LOVE the way she's dressed), the humor (absolutely hilarious!), the touching moments (its a tear jerker too), the appreciation of silence (in Rinco and in the beauty of cooking/dining), and also the artwork! (there's a lot of dream sequences that use cut-out collages of different foods and animals...super cute! it actually reminded me a lot of blog buddy Ebony-chan from Hello Sandwich!! also the fact that the main character always wears her hair in a top-bun :-)

(ps: thank you everyone for your admiring my artwork!! i appreciate it!!!)


world of sekimachihato said...

i wanna see this one; will try to rent it at the store!

nezumiiro.mausgrau said...

What a love-hate relationship I have with such movies! Soo kitschy but they always make me seriously believe that I could go into the kitchen and work miracles. Haha.

You really can - and should - show your art work, Aron

Sun said...

I want this! O_O

Thank youuu~ it has been a while since i watched beautiful movie, this one seems beautiful indeed!

Yoli said...

I am a huge fan of Japanese cinema. I wish I could have seen that film. I hope they have it on Netflix at some point.

See Hear Say said...

oh looks really interesting, wondering where i could get to see this in sydney