30 September 2010

delicious danish

Oh Land, straight out of Denmark, has really caught my eye these days. not only is she gorgeous, but her voice and music is just as pretty. to me, she sounds like a mix between Lykke Li and Roisin Murphy. i've been especially obsessed with this song lately. and she has a new album coming out, yay!

(ps: i did have a better day today, thanks! :-)


Sun said...

i just downloaded the video you've posted before! i like her song as well, can't wait for the album coming :-D

ps: hopefully you'll have even more, more and more happy days :-) cheer up!

Yoli said...

Glad you had a better day! Love her voice.

amy said...

oh i really like her top in the second picture! i'm off to have a little listen now.

See Hear Say said...

that's good to hear! off to check out the music now, have a nice weekend!!