03 August 2010


i love these Moomin stickers, found on Elenna's flickr. it reminded me to start reading my Moomin novels again. i put them down for much too long...

and speaking of stories, i am super excited to announce that i have won Walter Helena's July giveaway!!! i would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to her (Nadine) for giving me this opportunity and i am so happy to accept this beautiful photograph she will send me for adding to her wonderful on-going story :-)

thank you all for the nice comments on my bag! to answer some of your questions:
-no, i did not follow a pattern or tutorial. i just tried to figure it out, hehe
-yup, sewed it myself (i used to be a fashion major, but actually hated sewing. haha)
-and i did get your requests for future tutorials on D.I.Y crafts and also (summer) playlists. your interests mean a lot to me!!


Esa said...

Moomins are from finland :D:D

annanas said...

Moomins are most definitely the best thing that ever came from my home contry Finland! Love them!

See Hear Say said...

definitely yes for DIY tutorials and music playlist!!

ashley said...

yay thanksssss <3

Yoli said...

I am glad you won the give away. I think you have a big hit with your bag and you should sell some on Etsy.

lina said...

moomins! love.

R said...

hey hi!

this is R from casual poet culture.
i'm actually interested in working with u on a project... :) havent managed to find ur email on ur blog though. i hope u'll drop me an email if u see this. my email is shini[at]casualpoet.com

i do hope to hear from u :)


anabella said...

oh congrats on the win. i won once on marvelouskiddo's site, but never got the print. oh well. btw i thought i should tell you i've been following your blog for years now, don't want to sound like a creep but it was since xanga days. lol! you have amazing taste and awesome friends. <3

Ella said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway :) i think it's almost impossible for myself to EVER win one. hehe
speaking of which, those Moomin stickers are about the cutest thing in the world right now!