25 July 2010

eventful week

some pictures of what's been going on these past couple of days. me and my friend Ashley sold some nice things at this fun flea market. we did not make much money, but it was a fun experience anyway! haha

we also got our picture taken to be in the newspaper, and i also got interviewed in Japanese by these people filming a advertisement - commercial! so that was pretty cool

(these two are cat skirts!)

and yesterday me and Matt went walking around town. the weather has been very nice here, so we decided to take advantage of it. we aimlessly walked everywhere and enjoyed each path. here's some pictures of Honolulu, hope you enjoy :-)

(we later went to an art exhibition of childrens work. they were amazing!)

(they even made some beautiful textiles!)

after walking through the afternoon in the hot sun, we ended the day by cooling down with some shave-ice :-) other than that, i've just been realxing and going to the beach and enjoying the summer. i hope you all have been enjoying your days too!

ps: listen to Tommy Guerrero. he's wonderful


Sun said...

wow, you'll be famous soon!

In the 1st photo, what is that on the right side of the table? painting? the pattern is cute.

Honolulu seems like a very nice place to stay, good weather and lot of unexpected things. Its cloudy these days here.

ashley said...

i read about Honolulu in the novel Dance,dance,dance by Haruki murakami. its nice to see the pictures (because i was just reading about it ytd!)
could you do a post on your favourite playlist? :-)
it would be nice :-)

thwany said...

shave-ice, yummm

marie said...

those textiles are amazing!

See Hear Say said...

ohh looks like you're having so much fun! i want summer soon in sydney! oh well, we're only in the middle of our winter... :(

Kate said...

cat skirts!!

nezumiiro.mausgrau said...

:-) Thank you for that very nice trip! (But where was my shave-ice?!)

Anonymous said...

just found your blog and you make me miss hawaii so much. gahh!

fuchsiaboy said...

lovely post. it makes me relax! ;)