15 June 2010

my friends engagement!

my friend and her boyfriend took a nice trip together to visit sites in California. such as San Francisco and Napa Valley as you can see in the photos. but little did she know he was going to ask for her hand in marriage! he did it on a romantic rowboat ride through the park... aren't they beautiful!?

all these photos are taken by them. i asked if i could blog about it and took these from her facebook page. she was more than obliged :-)

my new phone also came in yesterday! its so great, i'm very happy with it! the only downfall about it is that i can no longer send+receive picture mail :-/ but i guess it's something i'm going to have to learn to live without... other than that, i love how sleek it is! and today my Japanese phone strap i ordered also came in! its by this great quality brand called Abitax. plus i added the little Furyu Chebrushka that i bought in Japan :-)

ps: thank you all for your warm wishes about me and matt! we're happy :-D


lolina. said...

your friends are so awesomely cute. i wish my guy would surprise me with an engagement (tho it's never gonna happen now or anytime in the future)

and niiiice phone. very sleek.

Anonymous said...

love it si so amazing!!!! It was a really romantic way to say one each other that they love forever.

eve said...

their photos look like they are from a magazine! i like them a lot. thanks for sharing!!

Sun said...

oh my, love is in the air ; )

cute couple! say my congrats to them : D

and your new mobile phones also nice! very japanese looks, docomo like, haha. now you are officially japanese with that clam shell!

See Hear Say said...

all the photos are just super cute. oh and have fun with your new phone!!

Celine said...

such a stylish couple! And so romantic! I always thought being proposed to on a trip was so romantic!
I love their travel photos! They look adorable!
And I am smitten about you and Matt! so happy for you aron!

Claudia said...

That is so cute! I love the photo on the tandem bike :)

Oh no, no MMS?! I couldn't send them on my old phone either but now that I have them I love MMS-ing so much, haha.

Yoli said...

Ahhhh, they are so beautiful!!!! Congratulations to them and to you and Matt!

world of sekimachihato said...

awww, what a sweet thing to do, i bet your friend was over the moon!
i love her boyfriend's hairstyle; it's kinda "in" in japan at the moment too.
i wish i could pull that off.
and nice phone too. my japanese phone can't send/receive photos too, but you will soon find ways around this.

Duermevela said...

What a cool couple! I love all their photos, really nice.

Cate said...

hooray for your friends! i can definitely feel the love in these pictures. the one on the bike is to die for. gorgeous.

thwany said...

congrats to your friend's engagement. they sure are one good-looking couple.