17 May 2010


this past week, me and my friends have been taking out my friend Mai who was visiting from Japan for a week. we went hiking, took her to eat Hawaiian food, went to a nice beach, let her try local snacks, took her to dinner on her last night and showed her a nice view of the city. she just left this morning, such a sweet girl. she even gave me omiyage: some Muji stationary :-)


marie said...

the rain forest looks beautiful!

deejitaru said...

Hello Aron,

my name's Matt ^^.

Thanks for leaving me the comment. First comment evarrr!

I like your blog a lot.

Luuworld said...

haha. i can't believe you are telling me i live in a nice city when you are living in PARADISE! Hello! Look at that lush landscape and those big city lights twinkling at night.

Luuworld said...

and you're so cute. if i had a kid brother, i'm wishing he would look just like you! :-D

hearblack. said...

great hawaiian photos

Lavender Playground said...

Hawaii looks amazing, especially the waterfall! Hawaii and Japan are the top two places I wish to go to.

the ramen girl said...

It's always good to see old friends visiting. I like to play 'tour guide' too!

Thanks for leaving a message, I'm feeling better :)

lafulanitadetal said...

nice pics, nice blog! I follow you!

rebecca said...

Cute photos :) Looks like you had fun


fuchsiaboy said...

because of your blog i wanna go to hawaii now. after tokyo hehehehe ;)

yep, i'm based in cambodia now for more than 2 years but it's only now that i've got the time to explore it other than siem reap and the capital, phnom penh.

i actually thought you look filipino.

Yoli said...

Beautiful images of you beautiful kids! Good photography.

Ashley said...

My Aron-with-one A and I are dying to go to Hawaii! It's been ages!

Make it Easy said...

wow, i dont know why i never thought of it as a rainforest. haha so true

hi matt ;-)

haha yes, i do appreciate hawaii as paradise, but europe is just something else! and thank you for that, i can see me as your little brother too! hahah

YOU have great hawaii photos!!!

wow thats so great that you think of hawaii as up there with Japan status :-)

ramen girl:
im glad your feeling better :-)
thanks for the comment!

thank you for visiting my blog! yours is great too!!!

thank you so much!!

i actually am part filipino too! haha i have many mix ethnicity in me :-)

thank you so much, that means a lot to me! :-)

you and aron should come again!!!

thwany said...

this looks like heaven

letopho said...

OO Back muscles!