03 May 2010

another lazy / interesting weekend. on friday, we did some crazy partying, then it settled down throughout saturday and sunday as the weather continued to get bad. now it's humid and uncomfortable as grey skies cover us :-(

hope your weather and week is nice! (and yes! in the 2nd photo, that is a pet peacock in their front yard! hahah)


Molpaka said...

Love all these photos.

ii-ne-kore said...

love the 1st photo! and OMG - a pet peacock? that is heaven for me. we had a wild peacock that decided to live with us on the farm for a few weeks, then one day just wandered off. i LOVE peacocks.

See Hear Say said...

do those boys share that room? and btw i want a peacock pet too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you ever get very stressed by work or school work? how do you overcome it. teach me a good way!


hey,what a life! : )
yeah, nice photos. Hey, how could a peacock be there? is that a real one?
btw,i will have a long weekend, because I am going to Jayapura,Papua Island, east Indonesia :)

hiki said...

that peacock (kujaku) is really amazing! your shots remind me of okinawa... so lovely!
and yes the weather has been excellent this week in tokyo and i'm enjoying the "golden" week :)

Make it Easy said...

thank you!!

oooh yes they are so magical! i was so shocked to see it, hahah

hahah no they do not share the room! the room belongs to the boy sleeping on the right. we were just over his house hanging out :-)

ooooh have fun!!!!

oooh im glad the weather is nice there! enjoy your time off for golden week!!!

Yoli said...

Oh the shots are wonderful especially the peacock. By the way I feel this compulsion to pick up that room! LOL

Kim said...

...how does one even acquire a pet peacock?

lolina. said...

here in malaysia, it's been pretty hot during the morning till the afternoon. evening it rains. it's good for a lazy sunday :)

my bf and i went on a picnic by the river which then continued with lazing around at his home :)

lazy weekends are always the best. especially if you stay in the office till 2AM or 3AM during the weekdays.

Tish said...


Make it Easy said...

thank you!!

Luuworld said...

like the pictures. it really conveys a lazy summer atmosphere. love it.

a pet peacock? omg how exotic!
ps, your friend is cute :-d