07 April 2010

things you enjoy doing alone...

enjoying silence
going to the sea
forgetting time in a bookstore
appreciating sunlight
coffee shops
grocery shopping
playing video games
riding my bike
singing in my car
waking up late
read japanese magazines
cutting my hair
wandering around town
watching films
watering my plants
having a beer after an exhausting day
eating in a cafe'
discovering new music
catching the bus
frame pictures

how about you?


Vanessa said...

Mine are very much the same as yours.
Laying on the beach. Cooking. Reading. Blog reading. Watching SATC. Singing. I'm an only child, so I love to be alone. It doesn't bother me like it can bother others.

marie said...

all these + wandering around galleries
time alone is important sometimes. it's easy to forget this :)

parisa mahmoudi said...

yep,mine is something like this,except the sea.It is so far away from me.Although I'm in my dream sea now.......
Love your delightful blog
Best Wishes

sun. said...

<3<3<3 maybe i'll do the second one or the last one, just sitting around watching people.

Martta said...

hmm, many of the same would end up on my list. i also like waking up early alone when the whole day stretches in front of me, new and exciting (but this does not happen often). walking, reading on public transport and washing the dishes. however, for me it is sometimes hard to appreciate being alone as i have a twin brother and being alone can make be unbearably lonely. slowly slowly i'm learning to enjoy my own company as i think it is so important to have alone time.

p.s. thanks for the beautiful posts, love your blog. i'm just a bit of a shy commentor. take care!

Bonjour Juliette said...

Ooh i love doing so many things, alone... i'm experimenting loneliness right now, my lover being away for several days.
waking up late, going to bed very late, reading, listening to happy music and running all around my appartment, drawing, thinking, just thinking and dreaming, cooking, drinking a beer while reading and getting slowly quietly slightly drunk, rinding my bike in my favorite city, going to concerts and dancing and shouting like mad (haha)... And so many other things!

Bonjour Juliette said...

Oh, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the XX song! Merci beaucoup!!!

See Hear Say said...

your list sounds awesome.

i also like doing grocery shopping, reading, cooking, bookstore and wandering around (with a camera) by myself :)

Kate said...

I don't do very many things alone, I kind of hate it! But my boyfriend works nights on the weekends now, so I find myself with time alone a lot. I think my favorite thing to do a lone is watch really bad tv and movies, because no one is around to complain:) I'm working up towards going to a movie alone, I've never done that before!

lolina. said...

driving is the one thing i enjoy doing alone. not particularly environmental friendly because i'm not carpooling ahaha. i always find myself driving alone most of the time because my best friends live in different towns and i don't exactly have a boyfriend to drive around with.

i'd sing my heart out, do some of my best life-changing thinking and cry in the car.

other than that, i pretty much prefer doing everything else with good company.

annanas said...

I love this. I have difficulty doing things alone but in the end I usually enjoy it (like sitting alone in a café watching people).

min it said...

I love walk, walk, walk...enjoying the beauty of wildlife...in the city or countryside.

mariaba said...

having an early breakfast, going to bed very early and read, walking in Paris with a list of places to go/ things to get, and most of the things you listed...

Michelle said...

I love going to the movies alone. if it's a comedy or action flick, I'll go with people. other films I see alone most of the time.

Esa said...

Watching movies one after another
Hanging out at home
Spending hours at the bookshop
Taking train
Thinking and making theories
Having a cake
Dancing with a loud music
Shopping alone
Dreaming and just relaxing
Bying a new issue of my favorite magazines
Wathing people in the streets
Speaking aloud
Wandering in the forest
Wathing movies that my friends finds boring
Chatting and surfing websites

at swim-two-birds said...

i think mine are pretty much the same, also love to see my mobiles moving and the bright parts become dark and vice versa.
love to watch the light in general;
these photos are amazing

Hila said...

oh I agree with your list! Why are people so afraid of doing things alone? I like my own company ... most of the time :)

shleepy said...

oh, that is a lovely list
let's see;
watching the TCM channel, waking up early listening to the birds chip and watch the sun rise, and working in the garden.
; )

Make it Easy said...

thank you all for your great responses!!
i had a smile on the whole time while reading all your lone adventures!!!

and thank you to the many new commenters i have never met before! :-D


danica said...

i love this list! like marie, i would add wandering around art galleries - i love doing that. also, drinking tea and dreaming, and wandering around my neighbourhood with my camera :)

the girl. said...

I love drinking coffee in the coffee shop with my notebook the most (: I find it really relaxing to do so. There's some which are the same with yours; read magazines, wandering around bookstores, watching films. I definitely love listening music while walking around the town. How I wish I could just walk around with my camera freely here ;X

Btw, I love your blog (: the header and the simplicity of your blog (:


oh! I enjoy doing them too! :D thats sweetly pleasant things to do! but,i dont do having a beer,hehehe.^^

Tara said...

enjoying silence

i'm not sure the majority of the population understands this

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Rediscovering your wonderful blog...reminded by a friend. Such a great space you create here.

citydreamers said...

looking out of my window and if i'm lucky enough, i'll wait till the plane passes by if there is one.

you have a really nice space.

Yoli said...

Getting lost in a bookstore.
Going to the theatre by myself to watch a foreign film no one likes.
Going to a coffee shop with a notepad to doodle.
Sitting by the sea, I do this as often as I can fit it in my busy life.

Elisabelle said...

amazing photos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

reading your post made me feels glad, that I'm not the only one enjoys doing things by myself :)

made a post on my blog too :)


Lorena said...

Nice poem/list- I love dogs, books,coffee,Japanese sewing books,red bean bubble tea,cactus,natural fabrics, and so much more

Galit said...

Your blog makes me so happy...

Things I enjoy doing alone:
Going to the library and stay there for hours.
Walk anywhere, very early in the morning,
Lonnnnnnnnng baths.
Drive my car. Don't care where.
Just once in a while - go to the movies and spoil myself with huge popcorn.
Fly to a foreign land. Although lately I enjoy it much better with my partner and our little one.

the ramen girl said...

ahhhh, i love the list.

Things I ♥ to do alone:
cooking, just lying on the bed, reading, listening to music, browsing magazines at bookstores, pretty much similar to your list!