26 April 2010

here are three magazines i bought the other day. two of them are interior design magazines to help with ideas and organization tips for your Japanese apartments. and the other one is a great mens fashion/life magazine with everything from clothes, food, grooming tips, hobbies, and entertainment.

(these first 7 pictures are from the mens magazine.)

(does this bonsai shop look familiar to you? its the shop in Tokyo called Sinajina that Iinekore mentioned in her trip to Japan, which was originally mentioned by the Tokyoite herself, Hikisan!)

(...and the rest of the pictures are from the interior magazines. i love all these living spaces. they remind me a bit of Muji, with it's simple layouts and emphasis on sunlit rooms with house plant decor)

today i need to: clean my room, do the laundry, water my plants, cook myself a nice meal, then maybe watch a relaxing dvd on this fine afternoon.

ps: thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post. it was sooo interesting to read all your little quirks about yourselves! some made me really laugh out loud! ...and also how majority of you are completely opposite from me when it comes to liking sweets! i cannot handle it! hahah, but i must admit, there is this amazing Japanese cheese-cake at this Japanese confectionery/restaurant that makes me melt inside. but thats only because it's not sweet at all! its very light and you can cut through it like tofu. おなかすいた!


ii-ne-kore said...

what a great collection of mag peeps inside:) how great is sinajina? truly wonderful!

hiki said...

ah! that new "hanako for men" is great isn't it, my boyfriend bought the second issue recently and it's good too. I actually thought you'd love this mag!!

o l y said...

woolala, i want that hanako for men magzine !
looks so nice ! thank you for sharing, i'm getting some inspiration for how to arrange our new little apartment !

happy brand new week, dear aron


Fine Little Day said...

Could be picked straight from your blog many of the pictures, nice!

Ania said...

おんなかすいた! my god, is "belly" pronounce like that?!sorry...i've been studied a little bit japanese,is it like some kind of special pronounce? those pics looks so cozy,i would like to live in!

pomme said...

it's wonderful !
thanks for sharing!

marie said...

they look great, especially the first one -)

world of sekimachihato said...

great selection of magazines you made. hanako men is great and love the yurume hair that i'm seeing on the streets here too.

tip: おなかがすいた :P

Yoli said...

I love the magazines! I wish I could get them here. If you can in a future post can you scan more pictures of men haircuts. I told you about the fiasco with my son's haircut which I am letting now grow long.

I am growing some bonsai trees, it is not as easy as I thought.

Vanessa said...

I have such a magazine addiction. I feel like Japan would be very dangerous for me!

Juniper said...

So the question is how do we get those magazines here??!! Very cool, totally enjoyed having a sneak peak at some of their pages. Mens magazine was very nice... such a different mens style then here. Interior design fun as well, so enjoyable looking at the spaces people create to live in. Really like the simple bedroom with clothes hanging on the wall.

Walter Helena said...

What a lovely blog you have; thank you for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

this is the first time i discover your blog but i'am falling here !

your words and photos give me smile :)))

Make it Easy said...

yess, you are so lucky you got to go!!

ooh thanks for thinking of me when you saw this magazine too! im thinking about subscribing to it, but not sure yet. haha

have a nice week too oly! hope the inspiration helps!

fine little day:
thank you!!

おなか is stomach. soo you can also say おなかいぱい when youre full after eating food :-)

haha ya you can shorten it without the GA so its not so formal. i want more hanako for men!

ooh ok i will try look for more mens haircuts. i have a couple japanese magazines on mens hair :-)
good luck on the bonsai! ya they can be tough sometimes :-p

oooh yes. best magazines in the world!!

im glad you enjoyed!! where do you live? no japanese stores around you that might be able to possibly order? if not, maybe buy online? :-D

thank you for stopping by my blog!! i will definitely look for yours!

oooh thats so nice of you! i appreciate that <3

Madeline said...

I love those interiors photos. What are the names of those magazines? How can I get my hands on a copy?

Celine said...

why do japanese people do pot gardens so well??? I wish plants could survive outside through the winter in canada. I love potted gardens!

Soshi said...

Ahhh! I have to get my hands on these! And there's Eita in one of them too! >w<

the ramen girl said...

one day when i can afford a place on my own, i will decorate it the japanese style!