21 March 2010

some pretty pictures from this weekend. me and my cute friend, Erika, enjoying the afternoon. this was before we went to my friend Matt's projector party. we BBQ and drank and watched movies on his wall, later getting a little drunk and dancing in front of the projection light. it was super fun! i will try to post some photos of it later.

it is officially spring break! i can't wait to relax, go to the beach, party with friends, watch films, wake up late, and just enjoy this free week of leisure opportunity :-)


Luuworld said...

nice pictures. love the surroundings. calm and serene. and sounds like you had a great weekend. we have similar ideas of what a good time is. i wanna hang out with you! lol :-d

shleepy said...

your friend is very cute. ^^
ah, lucky! My spring break was last week. I had to go back to school today. (- - ) Enjoy your time off! and be safe! keep us updated.

@Luuworld: everyone wants to hang out with Aron, he's just so cool. 8D

Make it Easy said...

haha awww thanks you guys!!! i would love to hang out too, wouldnt it be great if all the blog friends had a real life party together?! hahah

danica said...

such lovely images! and i agree: you would be excellent to hang out with.

p.s your friend has amazing personal style :)