24 March 2010

"i'm here" + philippe tatien

a beautiful short film by Spike Jonez, about a robot love story. the music, the cinematography, their accent, and the heart warming story is really something amazing. you can watch the whole film at imheremovie.com.

. . . . .

below are some wonderful illustrations by the french artist Philippe Tatien. it's a very funny coincidence because we met chatting on Pico, and he asked to see some of my work too after i complimented his, and when i linked him to my blog, he already favourited my blog before but did not know it was mine! what a small world :-p

ps: finally watched Alice in Wonderland 3D last night!...Avatar was better. hahah


shleepy said...
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shleepy said...

Spike Jonez! ah, I'm sure it's wonderful. His cinematography steals my heart. I really want to see this now, thanks for sharing!
He did so good with WTWTA
:o Aron is starting to get famous in the internet! c:

hahah, I haven't seen either them. Everyone kept telling me that Alice was the must see movie, rather than Avatar. I'll just watch them both when they come out on DVD. XD

sun. said...

Ah yeah, i like the theme song by aska matsumiya <3

dr. parnassus is better! haha. Have you seen it?

Make it Easy said...

you should watch it! its a nice 30min. film that will make you smile :-D

yaa me too! i downloaded it right after, haha. ooh noo i havent seen that film. i thought collin ferrel was heath ledger for a second :-(

Hila said...

wonderful film and wonderful art! I really should go and see Alice in Wonderland :)

Shandi said...

Those robots and the music playing on your page make my heart smile, thank you.

I linked to this post from my blog btw...hope you don't mind.


ron-wan said...

look at what i found!

your photos are beautiful.
they make me happy.
it reminds me of my youth and childhood.

we need to chat. get get get at me