27 January 2010


if you already didn't know, i am a HUGE pokemon lover! and if you didn't know, this post will pretty much sum it up for you.

my friend sent me this absolutely astonishing artwork done by this Japanese artist. it depicts pokemon with a beautiful traditional Japanese twist to it, and it even has all their names in kanji. i can't explain how AMAZING this is to me! really mind blowing! and i love how they look a little more realistic and almost savage.


(click on image to see in high definition!)


sun. said...

wow, it makes pokemon a lot cooler, they should try to make a game with this kind of style, like ookami.
i will play it instead of studying, hahaha ;-p

hiki said...


Leslie said...

I was looking at these the other day! The traditional depiction is simply amazing. Gengar looks... quite scary though, haha.

I love the music on your blog, by the way! This song is one of my absolute favorites :)

Claudia said...

Oh wow, these are splendid. I'll have to pass them onto my roommate, who loves to draw her own style of Pokemon as well. (Side story: she used to sell stickers and magnets of her art on Etsy, until one day she got an email from someone at pokemon.com and they had removed several of her listings!)

On an unrelated note, I love the music you play on your blog. Normally autoplay music bothers me (because I have a terrible habit of having 9823452 tabs open at once, and it can be frustrating trying to track down from where it's coming!) but when it's this good, I can't complain :)